Attended an amazing course on wild food and mushroom identification run by these guys:

A lovely day, where we had to take tests (!) to prove we had been listening to which mushrooms and plants were safe to eat, and which were DEADLY.

Then out in the afternoon to the beautiful Hatfield Forrest (ancient woodland no less) to check out what we could find in the way of wild grub. Not bad really – puff balls, field mushrooms, some wild garlic.. and definitely lots of things to avoid. Great to see them in the field, really helps you get a picture in your mind of what to look for.

The very next day, as I was strolling by the Stour River, I was able to put my new found knowledge into practice! Wild Food opportunities seems to be everywhere.. but restrained myself to just some samphire (which tasted very nice after 10 mins boiling and coated in some melted butter).

Giant Puffball Discovery!