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I am a member of a book club. Each month we select a new title.. please note so far I have not persuaded anyone to read any of my choices! Honestly, they weren’t that bad.

This month I am reading William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom (,_Absalom!) a story which is part gothic novel part western.

I can’t tell you whether it is worth the long slog of reading it yet. I’ve never read any Faulkner before, so I don’t even know if this is his standard wordy prose or he did something “experimental” for this tome??

Wikipedia tells me he is considered one of the foremost Southern writers, so I am clinging on in there in the hope that the story which has been going around in circles for the past 100 pages resolves itself into something wonderful.

Book club is next Tuesday, so lets see what everyone else thinks then!


Now there are many schools of thought on what is going to happen in the world of publishing with regards print books and ebooks. Everyone in publishing is obsessed at the moment about the “tipping point” and when it is going to happen.

When are ebooks (APPS/Fixed Format/ePubs/Mobi) going to become the dominant out put product over the current champ – the printed format.

Two good pieces on the subject… read this one:

Followed by this one:

From personal experience, although we are definitely fully engaged with digital and our editors are actually waking up to the possibilities that ebooks present.. we’re still focused on the print as an industry. Of course, as the devices get better (Kindle does make books look ugly) we’ll become more insterested in that file that at the moment is a by-product from our print files.

One of the things I love about production is that you get to work with so many creative people!

Matt Young is a fairly recent recruit to the Press Design team, but already his work is standing out from the crowd…

This one is on my (every increasing) reading list… looks to be a damn fine book too!


Attended an amazing course on wild food and mushroom identification run by these guys:

A lovely day, where we had to take tests (!) to prove we had been listening to which mushrooms and plants were safe to eat, and which were DEADLY.

Then out in the afternoon to the beautiful Hatfield Forrest (ancient woodland no less) to check out what we could find in the way of wild grub. Not bad really – puff balls, field mushrooms, some wild garlic.. and definitely lots of things to avoid. Great to see them in the field, really helps you get a picture in your mind of what to look for.

The very next day, as I was strolling by the Stour River, I was able to put my new found knowledge into practice! Wild Food opportunities seems to be everywhere.. but restrained myself to just some samphire (which tasted very nice after 10 mins boiling and coated in some melted butter).

Giant Puffball Discovery!